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Compiling / playing nethack 3.6.0 on Ubuntu or Debian

December 26, 2015

UPDATE: Instructions added for enabling the hilite status feature to get nice coloured Hitpoint & Hunger highlighting_ After a 10+ year…

Watching Movies on Google Nexus 7

September 14, 2013

The Google Nexus 7 has an amazing screen, and is portable enough with a good enough battery to be used as an in-flight entertainment system…

Root Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I9505G 4.2.2 on Mac OSX

August 27, 2013

Rooting the SGS4 GT-I9505G on OSX shouldn’t be this hard, should it? But, it is. Setup VirtualBox (don’t forget the Extension Pack ) with…

San Francisco City - A Sydney sider's perspective

July 29, 2013

San Francisco is unique. Just like every other city…

Interesting things in Silicon Valley on my First Day

July 23, 2013

Bikes. Everywhere! Thought Sydney had a lot of cyclists? That’s nothing on the huge number of people riding around the Bay Area! Tech logos…

Starting out in California for Dummies (aka: Australians)

July 21, 2013

So, you’ve moved from Australia to California? Great for you! Got no idea what you’re doing? Me either! But, here’s some tips I’ve…

IE7's CSS breaking "content: counter" bug

April 03, 2013
bugcodingfixie7the webworkaround

I came across a peculiar bug today while testing in IE7; Completely breaks IE7’s CSS parser for the current .css file…

CyanogenMod 10.1 bootloop fix

March 09, 2013

Update (2013-07-22): The file location has been updated. You can now download it from here After updating my Samsung Galaxy S…

Installing mojito on Ubuntu 12.10

February 09, 2013

Installing Mojito should be a simple task using Ubuntu’s Package manager… Install the required node and npm dependancies Update npm: Clear…

SoundWave 2013 Sydney Timetable Calendars

February 09, 2013

I have put together some public calendars which contain the timetables of each stage for SoundWave 2013 at Olympic Park, Sydney on 24th…

The Visitor Pattern in PHP

December 04, 2012
algorithmcodecodingdesign patternsphpvisitor pattern

Implementing the Visitor Pattern requires the ability to dynamically determine the type of the Visitor and the type of the “Element” (aka…

Inserting a function into all classes in a directory via Terminal

April 18, 2012
ackcodecodinglinuxperlphpregexsearch and replaceterminalthe web

Or; Multi-line Search and Replace regular expression on the Command Line. The situation You have a single abstract class which is extended…

Testing Cron Jobs for the correct user

January 16, 2012

Testing Cron Jobs in Linux can be a pain - especially if you’re using a tool like CPanel which abstracts away some of the processing…

The Terminal 101

January 11, 2012

What is the Terminal? The Terminal is simply a way to execute commands and to view the files on your computer. It is very similar to the…

Zend Framework Quickstart with MySQL

January 08, 2012
codecodingmysqlphpthe webzend framework

The Zend Framework Quickstart guide is a great place to start with the Framework, however it bases the example program on SQLite. As MySQL…

PHPUnit Bootstrap and Autoloading classes

November 29, 2011
autoloadbootstrapcodecodingphpphpunittestingunit testing

The PHPUnit Bootstrap is perfect when there is code to be run before tests are executed. The limitation however is there can only be one…

Play Framework, Google App Engine, Java, and HTML5 Boilerplate

November 11, 2011
app enginecodinghtml5javaplaythe web

Getting started with a new project shouldn’t be hard. But, it is . We have so many different packages to consider and integrate into our…

Install a Play Framework module from source

November 11, 2011
codecodingmoduleplay frameworkthe web

The Play Framework provides a great flexible Module system whereby any stand-alone code can be separated entirely from your main…

Setting up Vim & Ogre3D in Ubuntu

November 11, 2011

Ogre3D is a great corss-platform game development library. Unfortunately, it is mostly aimed at those using a GUI based IDE. Since I use Vim…

Setting up Vim & Play! Framework

November 11, 2011
codingplaythe webvim

Vim is my preferred editor for programming. However, it has been suggested that other more “full-featured” IDE’s are suitable for use with…

TextMate-like snippets in Vim with SnipMate

November 11, 2011

Using snippets to save on development time is always one of those “I’ll do it soon” tasks that I see everyone else doing but never get…

Zibbet nominated for best handmade market place - Vote now!

November 11, 2011

Zibbet is an online handmade artisan marketplace. Basically, you buy and sell handmade goods there. I’m responsible for a sizable chunk of…

Testing using Mocks & Stubs with PHPUnit

November 11, 2011
codingphpphpunittestingunit testing

Now that we’ve got PHPUnit setup , we need to start writing the unit tests. My immediate needs are to Unit test two classes, the first…

Installing PHPUnit on Ubuntu Linux

November 11, 2011

To install PHPUnit, there are two direct dependencies which first need to be installed; PEAR Xdebug As Xdebug also depends on PEAR, we’ll…

Come one, come all!

November 11, 2011

Welcome to the new site of Jess Telford! This will be the space for all the rants and ravings I can come up with whilst romping through the…