Zibbet nominated for best handmade market place - Vote now!

November 11, 2011


Zibbet is an online handmade artisan marketplace. Basically, you buy and sell handmade goods there. I’m responsible for a sizable chunk of the website and infrastructure it’s based on, so it’s quite important to me!

Our main competitors are Artfire and Etsy who also fill the same target of customers. For now, Zibbet is still growing and has a much smaller userbase than either of those two venues. So that’s where you come in ;)

We have been nominated for best handmade market place - an honour in itself! Now, we want to win best handmade marketplace!

If we can beat out Artfire and Etsy with our smaller numbers, then it truly means Zibbet is better as a much higher percentage of our users are voting for us!

Every vote counts, and yours is as important as everyone else’s, so please head over to’s Poll, select “Zibbet”, then hit Submit!

2011 Readers’ Choice Awards DIY Fashion Finalists

Jess Telford

Jess Telford
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