Watching Movies on Google Nexus 7

September 14, 2013

The Google Nexus 7 has an amazing screen, and is portable enough with a good enough battery to be used as an in-flight entertainment system. To watch videos on your Google Nexus 7, you’ll want to follow these steps…

Video Players

First, you need a decent video player. These two seem to be the best:

I’d recommend trying both, since some videos might work in one but not the other.

Copying videos to your Nexus

  1. Plug your Nexus into your computer
  2. It should show up in My Computer (as “Nexus” or “Android” or something similar)
  3. Open up that folder
  4. You should see a bunch of folders there already (things like “android”, “Alarms”, “DCIM”, etc)
  5. Create a new folder “Movies” (if it doesn’t exist):

    1. Click File > New Folder
    2. Name it “Movies”
  6. Find the movies you want to copy via My Computer
  7. Select them all, then copy:

    1. Click + Drag / Ctrl+Click files
    2. Edit > Copy
  8. Go back to the “Movies” folder on your Nexus
  9. Edit > Paste
  10. When complete, “Eject” your Nexus

Watching the movies on DicePlayer

  1. Open DicePlayer
  2. Open the left-hand menu by touching the icon in the top-left
  3. Select ”+ Add Folder”
  4. Find the “Movies” folder:

    1. “storage” > “sdcard0” > “Movies”
    2. Hit “Ok”
  5. Select “/storage/sdcard0/Movies” from the list under “Local” (should be the last one)
  6. Close that side menu by touching the greyed out area
  7. Your movies should be visible
  8. Tap to play!

Watching the movies on MX Player

  1. Open MX Player
  2. You should see the “Movies” folder with a tag “NEW” next to it
  3. Open this folder
  4. Tap to play!
  5. If you don’t see the “Movies” folder, Tap the refresh button at the top (the circular arrows)

Helpful Tips

I’d highly recommend testing every video you copy in one of the players - you only need to make sure it plays both video and audio, then move on to the next for each one. There’s nothing worse than getting on a plane, then realizing the video you were looking forward to wont work. On that note, if you are flying, I recommend actually watching some videos on the Nexus a few times before the flight date. This is just so you get used to using it, in case there are any quirks you need the internet to help fix! Enjoy!

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