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The Visitor Pattern in PHP

Implementing the Visitor Pattern requires the ability to dynamically determine the type of the Visitor and the type of the “Element” (aka: object receiving the visitor).

In PHP (>= 5.0.0), this can easily be achieved with the get_class() function as we will see shortly.

Let’s start by looking at how the Visitor Pattern will look within user code;

$updateVisitor = new UpdateVisitor();
$deleteVisitor = new DeleteVisitor();
$element = new Foo();


Looking at the UpdateVisitor class, we want the visitFoo() function to be called;

interface Visitor { }
class UpdateVisitor implements Visitor {
    public function visitFoo(Foo $theElement) {
        // ...

You may already be (correctly) thinking “Why not just call $updateVisitor->visitFoo($element) directly?”.
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